10 March 2010

Batter Up...

Once upon a time I made a music magazine called Death Before Dishonour. One day my co-workers (Lochlan Watt and Nick Lucas) were super excited about going to visit [pornstar] Belladonna. They got a cute photo taken with her and Nick even took along a baseball bat to get signed, on which she wrote "Dear Nick, batter up!" If he doesn't still own that bat, I'm going to be very disappointed in him.

But this blog isn't about potentially misplaced baseball bats, sorry.

As I sit here - seeing yet another sunrise - I'm applying the finishing touches to my new blog, a place where I offer a window into my life and photographs, one slurred sentence at a time. I've got my finger in a couple of pies, so this blog is about preserving the memories of each precious pie, long after they've been half eaten and left to grow cold (and mold) on the kitchen bench.

Welcome to the circus. Get at that RSS food.

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