26 June 2010

VIDEO and photos | Hell Yeah Magazine T-shirt Shoot.

Hell Yeah magazine #2 launches tomorrow in Brisbane. For this issue I photographed 30 or so people wearing their favourite t-shirt. BIG DAY, but the shoot itself was a whole lot of fun. thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, and a special shout out to my main main Brent Kerr for handling business with the lighting and trying his best to keep me out of the way of said lighting.

Here's a behind the scenes video that Jonathan Baginski (wolfdiary.com) put together:

Hell Yeah Magazine T-shirt Shoot from Wolf on Vimeo.

And a couple of pics from the shoot...

Check the site and cop one at a store near you: Hell Yeah Mag.

Here's the cover:

25 June 2010

VIDEO | Ironlak Team Australia - Byron Bay Roadtrip 2010.

A couple of months ago I went along with my homies in the Ironlak Team for their Byron Bay roadtrip. At first there was no painting planned but you can't get these guys together without SOMETHING going down. So the "no pressure" wall ended up turning into what you see below.

Here's a little video we made of the weekend's activities. I'll post some extra photos from the trip at a later stage.

The Ironlak Team's Byron Bay Roadtrip. Featuring; Tues, Sofles, Sirum, Linz and Reals.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw.
Cut: Selina Miles.

See more photos here: Ironlak blog.

VIDEO | BATES x IRONLAK - Copenhagen 2009.

We dropped this video about a month ago but I shot all the photographs that make up the film when I was in Copenhagen one year ago.

Bates really wanted to not be a person in front of his piece, but rather have the video focussed on the graffiti side of things, keeping things anonymous like it used to be. Rather than screw around with footage, I decided to shot the whole thing in still photographs. I was really happy with how this came together, I think Sel did a great job of stitching this all together.

BATES x IRONLAK - Copenhagen 2009. from Ironlak on Vimeo.


This promo for Reload By Ironlak came out a while ago now, but it's probably one of the favourite video projects that I've been involved with. We were stoked to have Trials and DJ Adfu create a track exclusively for this video and even happier with how the track came out. Thanks gents.

Music: Exclusive track for Reload - "Cambodian Rock" by Trials & ADFU (The Theory of Face)
Shot: Main camera: Luke Shirlaw and second camera: Selina Miles.
Cut: Selina Miles.


Askew TMD - Melbourne, Oct 2009. These were taken at the "Something For Melbourne" event that Ironlak put together.

More photos here: Something For Melbourne 2009 | Event Recap.

Back To The Future...

So I've been awol for a little bit which has resulted in this blog being neglected.

I guess life work got in the way.

I've just returned from Europe, so allow me to dust the cobwebs off this badboy and get things moving again.

Stay tuned...