25 June 2010

VIDEO | Ironlak Team Australia - Byron Bay Roadtrip 2010.

A couple of months ago I went along with my homies in the Ironlak Team for their Byron Bay roadtrip. At first there was no painting planned but you can't get these guys together without SOMETHING going down. So the "no pressure" wall ended up turning into what you see below.

Here's a little video we made of the weekend's activities. I'll post some extra photos from the trip at a later stage.

The Ironlak Team's Byron Bay Roadtrip. Featuring; Tues, Sofles, Sirum, Linz and Reals.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw.
Cut: Selina Miles.

See more photos here: Ironlak blog.

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  1. Hello, I'm a great admirer of your work, in terms of graffiti photography and photography itself. I also have a blog, and if you don't
    import'll do a post about you!

    Hug! Edis One from Portugal